About Us

Headquartered on the stunning great plains of North Dakota, North American Bison, LLC, began our legacy in 1993. The vision was simple yet profound—to support the independent rancher who raises bison naturally and humanely, and help sustain the bison industry as a whole.

For over 25 years now, we have remained committed to that original mission, as evidenced by the partnerships we have forged.

The outcome is a product we proudly label as TenderBison, which can be found at grocery stores and restaurants on a worldwide level.

North American Bison LLC’s growth as a company due to consumer preference for the TenderBison brand has occurred because we possess many of the attributes consumers expect from their protein sources—sustainability, humane treatment, all natural, and family farm sourced.

The owners of North American Bison, LLC, are in fact ranchers themselves, and are steadfast in their commitment to supporting the success of the bison industry for generations to come.


North American Bison, LLC, and our TenderBison brand consistently deliver on these promises:


  • Sustainability. We only source bison from independent family ranchers.
  • Humane Treatment of Animals. Our Humane Animal Treatment Program perpetuates the care our ranchers have provided for their animals while they’re in our possession.
  • USDA-Inspected “Bison Only” Facility for Traceability and Food Safety. All products produced at North American Bison, LLC, are traceable back to the delivering rancher. We know exactly where each and every bison came from, the date they were received, when the products were produced, and where they were shipped to. This provides us with a clear path for managing any food safety concerns. And our Bison-Only processing facility is 100% compliant with Federal USDA Regulations.
  • Trusted Quality. Our commitment to food safety, the adherence to exacting product specifications, fully integrating the harvest and production process to reduce food handling, and the consistency with which each product is produced has generated our 99.99% customer satisfaction rating.

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