TenderBison is the perfect product for at-home cooking. Not only is bison meat flavorful, it’s also one of the healthiest protein sources available. And because it’s sustainably produced , you can feel extra good about adding it to your weekly meal option.

Our bison cuts are:

  • All-natural
  • Lean and tender
  • High in protein and iron
  • Low in fat, calories, and cholesterol
  • Raised with NO added hormones ever
  • Raised with NO antibiotics ever
  • Humanely produced by independent family ranches


Ready to try it?

Order our TenderBison Variety Pack to get a sample of some of our best cuts sent right to your front door. Want to buy TenderBison products in person? Use the form on our contact us page or call 800-289-2833 and we’ll point you in the right direction of your nearest TenderBison source.

In the meantime, check out our Bison Bits blog for recipes and cooking tips. Enjoy!